Sweet Chick Block Party

Blade Brown Miranda! Lani Lee There will be PIG LIT Joey Bada$$ LIT Joey Bada$$ Joey Bada$$ Joey Bada$$ "what's up with this drumstick?!" K-Stylez! Young Big Mike AKA Young Porn'stach Baby Selektah John Seymour AKA The Brad Pitt of Chick and Waffles Shadi! Standing Room Only Statik Selektah Kyle

Every year, the gang over at Sweet Chick throw a Block Party at the Williamsburg Walk. This year was no different, with a pig roast, lemonade stand – for cystic fibrosis – not Beyoncé (thank God!), with Statik Selektah on the 1’s and 2’s, Joey Bada$$ performance, water guns, drinks flowing, music blasting, etc…

Let’s just say they shutdown the block and it was LIT!